Journal, Vol. 31, No. 3 – Fall 2008

Cover: “Celebrating Our Common Heritage” picturing the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia logo and the Germans from Russia Heritage Society logo with two hands in a handshake between the two logos. This was the theme of the annual convention held in Casper, Wyoming July 28 through August 3, 2008; the first combined convention of the two separate organizations.

“The ‘Long Trek’: The SS Population Transfer of Ukrainian Germans to the Polish Warthegau and Its Consequences, 1943-1944” by Dr. Eric J. Schmaltz

“One Way Ticket from Russia to Germany: Aussiedlers in the Beginning of the 21st Century” by Mila Koretnikov, PhD

“The Famine Files from the American Volga Relief Society” by Dr. Robert Meininger

“Our German-Russian Communities: A Common Heritage, An Uncommon History” by Dona Reeves-Marquardt, PhD and Lewis R. Marquardt, PhD.

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