Journal, Vol. 31, No. 4 – Winter 2008

Cover: Photograph of the Philip Kukus family from Erin Deis’ story “Leaving One Home in Search of Another” Erin’s story was the First Place Winner in the 2008 AHSGR Storytelling Contest.

“Glueckstal Colonies Research Association, Strategies and Successes” by Margaret Freeman

“Deportation of Russian Germans in 1941 and its Consequences” by Nina Vaschkau, PhD, translated by Yulia Tsymbal

“The Songs Our Forefathers Sang” by Rev. Fred Gross

2008 AHSGR Storytelling Contest Winners
“Leaving One Home in Search of Another” by Erin Deis, First Place
“The Pendulum Still Swings” by Gwen Cowherd, Second Place
“Talking to Grandma” by Gwen Cowherd, Third Place
“Memories – Oh How They Shine” by Nora Dorn, Honorable Mention
“The Christmas Man” by Mayo Flegel, Honorable Mention
“A Series of Miracles, Full Circle from 1913 to 1995” by Ella Lehl Fredrick, Honorable Mention
“They Called It Noah’s Ark” by Judy Frothinger, Honorable Mention
“My Life on the Brink of Death” by David Gomer, translated by Tanja Schell, Honorable Mention

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