Journal, Vol. 33, No. 2 – Summer 2010

On the cover: A poster prepared by the White army during the Russian Civil War depicting the slaughter being carried out by Trotsky, Lenin, and the Bolsheviks.

Articles: “The Soviet Holocaust” Introduction by James R. Griess; Part I “The Uprising of 1918” by Edmund Imherr, Translated by Joe Gareis; Part II “The Political and Economic Climate of the Stalinist Regime in the 1930s by James R. Griess; Part III “Remembrances of the Displacement of 1930” by E. Sch., Heimatbuch, 1960, edited by James R. Griess, Translated by Cleon Ochsner; Part IV “The Summary Execution of Perceived ‘Enemies of the People’” by James R. Griess; “Unfulfilled Hopes of a Soviet-German Writer: Dominik Hollmann (1899-1990) by Harry Loewen.

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