Journal, Vol. 34, No. 1 – Spring 2011

On the Cover: A photograph of a view of present day Saratov, Russia from Victory Park showing Saratov Bridge crossing the 1.75 mile wide Volga River, with Engels, Russia on the opposite shore. The lovely lilac bushes are in the foreground.  Articles: “The Cleansing and Destruction of the Kulaks of Neudorf, Ukraine – Autumn, 1932” by Ronald J. Vossler; “After 112 Years Once Again in the Palatinate Homeland” by Dr. Joseph Geiger, Translation by Cleon Ochsner; “The Collective Farms in the USSR from 1918 to 1939” by A. Prinz, Translation by Cleon Ochsner; “Our Memory is the Future: the Soviet Experience and Remembrance of the August 1941 Deportation of the Volga Germans” by Dr. Eric Schmaltz; “The Artel of Winnower Men in the Volga German Colonies” by James J. Vogel; “Mariental on the Kar’man River – Our Heartache and Our Love by Helmut Lobes, Translation by Alex Herzog.

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