Journal, Vol. 35, No. 1 – Spring 2012

On the Cover: Photo of Catherine the Great in her later years. Articles: “AHSGR to Celebrate 250th Anniversary of the Founding of German Colonies in Russia by James R. Griess; “New Findings about the Immigration to Russia—1766” by Ella Gieg, circa 2008. Translation coordinated by Richard A. Kraus; “My Life as a Soldier” by Conrad Kissler, Translation by Marie Trupp Krieger, June 1994. Originally published in Die Welt Post, February 1932; “Sad Pages of History” by Alexander Spack. Translation by Irina Eccles; “A Genius from the Volga Steppes” by Albert Obholz and Cornelia Schneider Eckert. Translation by Alex Herzog.

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