Journal, Vol. 35, No. 4 – Winter 2012

On the Cover: Photograph of a view of Ellis Island with immigrants arriving in America in the foreground; early 1900s. Articles: “Lacquer Bowls and Cedar Baskets: Reflections on the Germans from Russia Northwest Frontier Experience” by Richard D. Scheuerman; “Ellis Island: ‘Gateway to America’” by Jean A. Roth; AHSGR Storytelling Winners and Honorable Mentions in Adult Division: 1st Place Winner, “A Long Way from Rosengart” by Rebecca Epp; 2nd Place Winner, “Gottfried’s Charge” by Robert A. Chesney; 3rd Place Winner, “Christmas in Siberia” by Katrin Schell and Tatjana Schell; Honorable Mention, “Moving on UP at the U.P.” by Barbara Jo Guilford; Honorable Mention, “Finding Ida Lichtenwald Hettinger, a Volga German” by Robert Hahn; Honorable Mention, “Seeking His Own: A Story of My German Russian Family in Early Dakota” by Donald C. Schenk. 

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