Journal, Vol. 36, No. 4 – Winter 2013

On the Cover: A group of young “Messdiener” (Altar boys) in the Volga German colony of Rothammel, Russia. Articles: “The Colonial Reform of 1871 and the Adoption of Universal Military Obligation in 1874: The Beginning of Decline and Anti-German Policies” by Dietmar Neutatz; “Don Germans: History of Colonies before the Revolutionary Events of 1917” by Olga Erokhina, Ph.D. Volgograd; “Easter in Siberia” by Katrin Schell; “Go to a Land I Will Show Thee” by Mary Ruthe Neufeld Carter; “Vanya and the Eleven Horses:A Story from Old Russia” by Harold Benjamin “Ben” Jacques; “The Great Jubilee: How the Volga Germans Celebrated the Founding of Their Colonies” by Maria Appelhans; “Jonn’s Journey” by Joan Breit; “From Edenkoben to Worms” by Dr. R. Dale Copsey.

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