Journal, Vol. 37, No. 1 – Spring 2014

On the Cover: Author Elena Ananyan stands in front of the remains of a German house in Shcherbatovka. Basements and fragments of walls still remind visitors about the long history of the German-Russian colony. Articles: “History of Shcherbakovka Colony” by Dr. Elena Ananyan, translated by Yulia Tsymbal; “Report of Activities on the Timothy A. Montania Reaserch Projet for Shcherbakovka (Muehlberg)” by Kevin Rupp and Patti Sellenrick; “Russian Germans in ‘The Labor Army’” by Arkadiy A. German; “Celebrating Catherine II’s 1763 Manifesto: An Enduring Legacy 250 Years On: Part I” by Kenneth Rock; “Saratov Region State Archive Documents on the History of Volga Region Foreign Colonists’ Families and Genealogical Inquiries Execution Technique” by Nataliya V. Samokhvalova; “Public Readings of Ida Bender’s Book Help Keep History Alive” by Antonia Domke.

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