Journal, Vol. 38, No. 2 – Summer 2015

On the Cover: “Wilhelm G. Doos shot this photo on a road trip from Novosibirsk to Podsosnovo in 1991. Some 45 minutes out of Podsosnovo, they were stuck in mud and had to attach two chains. This photo accompanies the article “Podsosnovo—A Village in Siberia,” by Welhelm G. Doos (page 1). Articles: “Obermonjou: Also Known as Ober-monjour, Ober Monjou, Obermonj. Kivivka, Krivovsk; Today: Krwivovskoye, Marxosvki Rayon, Saratov Region,” by Olga Litzenberger, translated by Alex Herzog; “The Settlement of Bori,” by Alfred Klug, translated and edited by Sophie A. Welisch; “Overview of Materials of Russian Archives on the History of German Colonies in the Russian Empire,” by Olga Erokhina, translation edited by Yulia Tsymbal; “The Road to Canada,” by Sandra Stelter, co-winner in the 2014 AHSGR Storytelling Contest.

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