Journal, Vol. 38, No. 3 – Fall 2015

On the Cover: The professional portrait shows Bruce F. Pauley’s great-great-grandfather Heinrich Pauley (1834-1914) and his first wife, Elizabeth Ross Pauley (1836-1896). Both were born in the German-Russian village of Norka in Russia and died in Harvard, Nebraska. The photograph probably was taken about 1890. The couple are dressed in formal attire in a studio with a decorative floral backdrop. Elizabeth wears a kerchief on her head and rests her right hand on Heinrich’s shoulder. The photo accompanies the article “Make the Past Come Alive: How to Put Your Ancestors in Historical Perspective, Part II,” by Bruce Pauley. Other articles: “The Germans of St. Petersburg/Petrograd/Leningrad and their Church: The Story of a Decline, 1914-1941,” by Reinhard Nachtigal; “Soviet ‘Paradise’ Revisited: Genocide, Dissent, Memory and Denial, Part II,” by Eric J. Schmaltz; “The Volga German Alzheimer Disease Connection,” by Thomas D. Bird, M.D.

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