Journal, Vol. 44, No. 1 – Spring 2021

Dőnhof by Olga Litzenberger; The Founding of Aldea Protestante and the first Dönhofer Families in Argentina by Prof. Fabian Zubia Schultheis; Deportation of Russian Germans to Northern Kazakhstan during WWII by Arailym S. Mussagaliyeva and Roza M. Mussabekova; Ethnic Germans in Kyrgyzstan from 1882-1992, Part Three J. Otto Pohl; Memories of Movie Director Joan Micklin Silver and the “Second Hoeing” Film Project by Timothy J. Kloberdanz; The Host of the Region: Johann Cornies and the Colonization Processes in the South of the Russian Empire in the Early 19th Century: PART ONE by Nataliya V. Venger

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