Kukkus (Wolskoje) Kanton, Russia Marriage Records 1922


The Kukkus Kanton is located on the east side or the Wiesen Seit of the Volga River, approximately 40 miles south of the city of Saratov, Russia. The Kanton consisted of ten villages, Bangert, Brabander, Dehler, Dinkel, Jost, Kukkus, Laub, Lauwe, Stahl am Tarlyk and Straub.

The villages of the Kanton were established in the year 1767 starting with the village of Dinkel which was established 12 May 1767 and the last village was Lauwe established 19 August 1767. Most of the villages were Protestant with a few exceptions. The villages of Bangert and Dehler were of the Catholic faith.

The marriage records of the villages provide important information to researchers as maiden names along with the names of witnesses provide important clues for family connections. In many instances, where individuals have been previously married, that married name along with the maiden name is provided.

There are numerus records available for several of the Kukkus Kanton villages including, first settlers’ lists, marriage, birth, death and family lists. Some records are available for viewing online at AHSGR.org, as well as for purchase.

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