Straub Confirmations (1847-1868)

1847 to 1868 Straub Confirmations

Straub, a Lutheran colony, was one of the 101 original colonies established along the Volga River. Straub was founded on 12 May, 1767 by 58 families, 191 colonists. It was one of the smaller villages. The Russian name for Straub was Skatowka. Each colony had a German name and a Russian name. Straub was named after the first mayor, Johann Heinrich Straub, a weaver from Sachsen, Ohrdurf, Germany.

The1847 to 1868 Straub confirmations contain birth information and father’s name for 636 (and one deceased ) Straub residents. There are some last names for people who were confirmed in Straub but the last names are not Straub village names – their village is not listed.

These confirmation records have birth dates starting in 1831. These birth dates fill in a lot of genealogical information. Records are Lutheran Church records held by the Archives in Engels, Russia.

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