The German-Russians: Those Who Came to Sutton

The German Russians: Those Who Came to Sutton

by James R. Griess
Henderson, Nebraska
The German Russians by James Griess is much more than a story about a group of German Russian emigrants who settled in Sutton, Nebraska. Pioneers on two continents, it is an epic story about the lives of German Russians who endured hardships that are impossible to imagine, to carve out a future in unknown lands. They are among the best examples of the people who built America. These German peasants migrated to Russia in the late 18th and early 19th century. Failing to find the freedoms, which they sought, 900,000 migrated from Russia to North and South America by 1914. The book deals with the motives behind these migrations. The Burlington Railroad, its colonizing activities in Nebraska in the years following the Civil War, and the German Russian settlements in Sutton and other Nebraska communities is included. The 350 pages are richly illustrated, some in color.


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