Wind In The Face

Wind In The Face

by Eugen N. Miller
AHSGR Monograph 2008 – 4

This autobiographical narration of the tragic fate of Volga-Germans is shown through the childhood and youth of a man, beginning at the time of mass exile in 1941, then through war years and Stalin tyranny. The narrative gives modern perspective on the events long past. Not withstanding all the hardships and terrors the main character goes through, being a stranger in his own country, he is still confident and ready to learn the values of humankind. This helps him achieve the goals he sets, though sometimes it is very difficult. Included are numerous illustrations.

Included are many illustrations: portraits of Catherine II (the Great), Peter the Great, Karl Marks, F. Engels, V.I. Lenin; numerous drawings showing the events described in the book; the map of the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of Volga-Germans and the route of German migration from Germany to Russia; family pictures. The book also contains German folk songs with notes: O Tannenbaum, Schoen ist die Jugend, Die Gedanken sind frei, Du, du liegst mir im Herzen; Nun ade, mein lieb’ Vaterland and others.

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