The annual AHSGR Storytelling Contest invites members and nonmembers to capture the GR experience through storytelling. Both adults and youth can participate by submitting stories related to Germans from Russia. This year, youth under age 14 are invited to submit a video story. They can be either fiction or non-fiction. Winning stories are presented at the Folklore Symposium at the annual AHSGR Convention and prize money is awarded!


Adult Winners & Honorable Mentions:

 Kim Philp – “Voices from the Past” 

 Irene Reader – “How One Book Led to Another” 

Kim Kraushar –  “The Table that Tells Stories” 

Donita Rotherham – “Larceny or German Russian Bigotry?” 

Richard Hieb – “Lodis Germans from Russia”

Anne Stang – “Natures Bounty” 

Susan Hammond – “Grandma and Me”


Adult Winners & Honorable Mentions:

 Mike Meisinger – “An Extraordinary ‘Ordinary’ Farmer” 

 Rosalinda Kloberdanz – “A Day of Song and Celebration” 

 Anthony Cocoran –  “From one of our own: The Victory of Gertude Detzel” 

 Anne M. Stang – “German, Anyone?” 

Shirley A. Pfeifer – “My Great Grand Parents”


2021 Storytelling Contest 2021 Storytelling Contest



July 23 – 27, Lincoln, Nebraska

2019 Annual Convention: 50th Anniversary

Adult Winners & Honorable Mentions:

Maternal Instincts

The Krummy Quarter

Why I am Passionate About Genealogy

The Happiest Person in the World – Honorable Mention

Wulf Story – Honorable Mention

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