Let’s Celebrate our Exceptional Volunteers

We need your input to help us to honor the excellent and incomparable service of a volunteer. Volunteers are the life of our organization, and we want to recognize their good deeds.

Your nomination for the AHSGR Distinguished Service Award should explain how this member has made a positive and noticeable impact in advanc­ing the goals and purposes of AHSGR’s Society or Foundation. Your recommendation and recognition are what make the AHSGR Distinguished Service Award (DSA) so prestigious. The person you recommend must be a member in good stand­ing to be eligible for the award.

The other award is the AHSGR Special Citation (SC) which recognizes a single outstanding act or continued superior performance in a given area of responsibility support­ing AHSGR’s Society or Foundation’s mission. The award is given to an employee, AHSGR member, or an individual or business or­ganization friend of AHSGR.

The awards may be grant­ed posthumously, as long as the individual’s performance has significantly advanced the Society or Foundation in remarkable ways during their lifetime.

Nominations for the DSA should be addressed to the Chair of the Membership Committee and received by April 1st, 2024. Nominations may be emailed to ahsgr@ahsgr.org, submitted through the AHSGR website, or mailed to AHSGR, 631 D Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68502-1199. Awards will be announced and presented at the annual convention in August.

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