Online Store Update!

Online Store Update: Monographs

A tab for monographs was recently created in the online store.

Monographs, defined by Policy No. 311 in AHSGR’s Policies and Procedures, are publications “of a scholarly nature that is documented and has undergone a review process” and are “too lengthy to be published as a Journal article but are worthy of being made available to AHSGR members.” Monographs are printed and bound in-house, and these publications span across several different topics, including history, culture, music, and memoirs.

While no new publications were added to the store with the creation of the “Monographs” category, the store held 41 monographs that were scattered across several other categories. These monographs are still located in their prior product category, but they are now grouped together in this new category as well.

To view the new “Monographs” section of the online store, click here.

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