Our Immigrant Ancestors

Panels for “Our Immigrant Ancestors,” a collection of honorary plaques purchased to celebrate people of German Russian ancestry, have been reimagined and reinstalled near the Heritage Center’s entrance to continue honoring those names and families.
This 48″ x 60″ display has alphabetized all the names formerly displayed on the plaques with the caption, “A listing honoring Germans from Russia immigrants and families. Donations received for inclusion on this list support the work of the AHSGR.” The placard boasts over 700 names and families, along with a silver tree against a gradient background.
As part of the original donations for plaques, family histories were captured for many of the entries. These histories have been scanned and will be available for viewing digitally via a kiosk near the display this fall.
To honor a German Russian friend or family member and add their name to a future installment of “Our Immigrant Ancestors,” please contact ahsgr@ahsgr.org.

[Carol Brehm of Lincoln, NE (left) visited the museum with her daughter Jeannie Snook (right), who was visiting from Texas and looked up their relatives on the display.]

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